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Cocoon Production Women in ACG Workshop

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

In a patriarchal work system, there is inadequate legal protection. Despite having 42% of female workers in the global creative industry, women who work in the arts and creative sectors are still vulnerable to multi-layered obstacles because of their genders and social classes.

Our company took this chance last year February to do a one-day workshop dedicated to our female employees (who make up 80% of our staff) to talk about their obstacles and how the company can facilitate them.

We also as re-socializing our existing company’s benefit such as maternity leaves, our health insurances policy for maternity, PTOs, as well as re-educating tax filing for women workers.

Despite our size, we believe it is of utmost importance for businesses to hold social, economical and environmental responsibility to grow as sustainable, ethical practices. We believe that not only will this create a beneficial, equal place for everyone to thrive, but also to leave the world as a much better place for future generations.

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