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Cocoon Production x Raffles International School at AMITY CHARITY FESTIVAL “WEvolve”2022

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

Amity, which is a portmanteau for art, music and charity, is an annual charity event held by

the Raffles International Christian School Pondok Indah Campus' community and is held every year to raise funds for charity. This year, the event was on Saturday, the 4th of June 2022 via Zoom meet as we're still in the midst of the on-going pandemic.

The charity festival has been an annual tradition that Raffles International Christian School Pondok Indah has hosted for the past several years. The charity festival serves as a medium of interaction with social communities, a vessel for the fellowship of the student body, and a way to raise awareness.

This year RICS is working together with Cisarua Refugee Learning Center (CRLC), an Australian Registered Benevolent Institution which supports refugee-led initiatives in Indonesia and around the world in raising money to support the refugees, and we from Cocoon Production had the honor to support the event by providing an art webinar for students who are interested in the art and design field via zoom meet.

Through this event, the RICS & Cisarua Refugee Learning Center aim to raise money for education equipment such as laptops and computers for the purpose of their students to have access to education materials.

Additionally, they hope to provide events that may be of interest to those that are willing to

participate in the event, such as workshops that touch on different categories of art such as

dancing and drawing. By giving a chance to spotlight the more creative fields and include

students with these interests, we want to grow our school community and develop their

artistic aspirations.

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